Hello and a very warm welcome to my new website, thanks for popping by. There’s been a lot of trials, tribulations and tears to get here though I hope you like the results as much as I do. Many thanks to Adam for all his help, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Here you’ll find information, tips and tricks, inspirational quotes and much much more. Also in the pipeline will be a monthly newsletter keeping you updated on the latest information and therapies available. Please feel free to send me a message, ask any questions or just generally get in touch. I don’t have all the answers though I know a few people who might do so can usually point you in the right direction, all you have to do is ask.

The most frequently asked questions I get are regarding holistic therapies, what they are, how they differ from conventional therapies and what exactly does an holistic therapist do? Holistic therapies to me are the consideration of not only the clients mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing but those of any significant others that impact upon their lives. These significant others do not have to be human, they may be pets, they may even be flora and fauna which may sound a little odd to some though they may be of huge importance to someone else. Anything important to the client needs to be considered when it comes to planning treatments. I always complete a full consultation at the first session, a catch-up consultation for subsequent visits and allow time for clients to come round at the end as there’s nothing worse than being rushed off when you’re nicely relaxed. I also cherry pick the specific elements of the available therapies that are the most appropriate for that person on that day. For example, should a client book an aromatherapy massage, the oils that will be used will be to suit them best at the time, though hot stones may be used to apply heat to increase circulation and massage wands applied on trigger points to achieve an holistic treatment.

Someone booking a tuning fork treatment is unlikely to experience exactly the same routine for each session. These are very dependant on whether the issues presented are energy blockages, excess or sluggish energy flow and how easy they are to rectify.

Everyone who visits me is the most important person for the time they are in my therapy room. Anything discussed is confidential and will stay in the room, this is your time, just for you. After all, sometimes the best thing you can do as a therapist is listen.

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