Excellent therapist, very knowledgeable and caring. I am in the middle of tuning fork therapy and finding this very relaxing.


Tuning forks

I'm a healthy skeptic but came away feeling relaxed and refreshed. The main benefit for me was that you feel Anne really cares about you and has a passion for helping people. The sensations are very

Sarah F

Access Bars

This is a lovely treatment that made me very relaxed and less anxious


Angelic Reiki

Anne has performed a few different treatments on me - tuning forks, crystals and also distance healing. I wasn’t sure how distance healing would go but thought I would give it a try. I had been suffering from back ache & “restless leg’s” in bed. I just had to let anne know a time I would be in bed and relaxed. That night I fell asleep quickly and soundly. My back ache was also almost gone. Anne is very professional and amazing at what she does. I would recommend her to anyone X

Claire Vickers

Last year was having trouble with my throat and sinuses, Had 3 distance healing sessions were Annie used tuning forks. She sent me some choices of music to listen to and I picked the one I was most drawn to. I wouldnt normally believe this sort of thing would work but gave it ago. The sessions helped ease the problems I was suffering from at the time. Go in with it with an open mind I can recommend this type of therapy and would definitely do it again.

Daniel Bond

Had a lovely relaxing much needed massage today with Anne, highly recommended - Thank you

Debbie Anne

She is a dedicated and person centred healer.

Sarah Huddleston

I pulled my back at work and was on sick for a few days,went back for one day and made it worse,Annie offered to use tuning forks on me,I was very sceptical as she said I didn’t have to be with her,she just needed to know what time I would be in bed......the next morning I woke up and the damage I had done going back to work had totally lifted and I had slept for 9 hrs(very rare for me not to wake up 3/4 times a night and get maybe 5/6 hrs at most.....the original pain was still there don’t get me wrong but the pain I’d caused myself lifting at work had eased so much,I would certainly recommend Annie(as I call her and for all sceptics out there......just try xx

Michelle 'Haigh' Downes

Hi Anne, just to say what a wonderful treatment I had with you.. The atmosphere in your room alone made me feel relaxed before you even started. You made me totally relaxed and I throughly enjoyed every minute. I have had so much benefit from my Treatment. Can’t wait for my next appointment. Thank You so much Anne.

Joan H