Differing from conventional therapies, holistic therapy considers the whole person instead of individual symptoms.

Rather than concentrate on the symptoms, an holistic therapist will consider the whole physical, mental and spiritual aspects that the client presents with. Using this information, a treatment is formulated to promote overall well being.

Holistic therapies can help bring harmony between physical and mental well being, as an aid to coping with modern day toils and tribulations and bring a sense of feeling totally nurtured.

The bars are a set of 32 points on the head. Like defragging a computer, stimulating the points can get rid of old unwanted “files” that are electronically stored in the brain, allowing the energy to be released.

All the thoughts, feelings, emotions, judgements, decisions and beliefs from any lifetime that are no longer wanted or needed can be released when the bars are touched. This is particularly helpful for gaining mental clarity, enabling stored junk to be removed and allowing space for fresh thoughts and learning

Similar to acupuncture although uses sound frequencies instead of needles for point stimulation.

Everything in the universe has a vibration. When an issue arises these vibrations can become blocked or sluggish. Using gentle, non invasive acoustics, the bodies energy can be brought back into balance. It is effective in moving and increasing energy flow and removing energy blocks