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This is Me!

Aromatherapy and reflexology treatments and so much more!

Having trained as a nurse in the 1970's, by the late 90's, I began my journey into Complementary Therapies due to feeling nursing was no longer the holistic therapy I had encountered in the early days. Whilst specialisation is great for treating patients, it limits some aspects of care and I wanted to get back to looking at the whole person. Aromatherapy was the first discipline studied and successfully completed, followed by counselling, reflexology and part of an acupuncture degree whilst offering treatments along the way; at times more successfully than others. I left nursing to be a full time carer for my mum, working in retail until the beginning of 2018 saw me crash and burn big time.

Whilst appreciating some people struggled with mental health, that was never me - or was it? I found myself in a very dark place with no clue, apart from anti-depressants, how to climb out of this void and disappeared into myself for the next month and a half. One day, an advert for a class was posted on FB for Access Bars - never heard of it though my curiosity was piqued and I looked for more information. I began having treatments in March 2018, the first 2 being difficult to say the least but, by the 3rd, I knew this was the way forward and trained to be a Bars practitioner.

I dipped into Access Body processes yet felt there was something missing, there was something else out there that would suit me well. Step up Angelic Reiki! I feel better than I have for many years, now realising my pretty much total mental breakdown was the wake up call I needed to get back on my chosen path that hasn't just been chosen by me. I look forward to sharing these gifts with anyone who has a need or an interest in the therapies I offer.