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Safety information

Although the greatest care is taken to provide well thought out treatments for all my clients, I am guided by what they feel comfortable sharing about their conditions/complaints and ask all clients to sign a disclaimer that they agree to take responsibility for the information given. I accept self and medical referrals. My essential oils are sourced from Baldwins in London who have the capabilities to test the oils they sell and have a long standing history of producing oils to sell to professionals and the public.

Our Promise to You

Any personal therapy-based information gathered from Clients will not be shared with any other third parties. This information is recorded on an initial consultation form and any subsequent collated information will be kept on record cards. All information kept on hard copy will be kept under lock and key. No personal therapy-based information will be stored on any other medium at this time. Any change will be notified to Clients immediately. Information will be kept for a minimum of 7 years following the final treatment in line with recommended guidelines. Salon Gold

Email addresses will be captured on a database to ensure clients are kept up to date with the latest information and therapies available. Clients can unsubscribe from this database at any time.

Our Services

Access Bars

Access Bars

Brain not switching off? Modern life grinding you down? Suffering from mental/physical issues? Having your Bars run will help. Like defragging a computer, Bars will remove unused, unwanted and useless files you have stored over the years. It can do no harm, at worst you will feel like you've had a great massage and, at best, it can change your life.

Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki is a beautiful, comforting treatment working in conjunction with Angelic healing energies. It channels Angelic realms via Healing Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers and increases energy flow throughout the Chakras.

Angelic Reiki


All Aromatherapy treatments are personalised with the use of essential oils and type of massage that is wanted/needed by you at that time, on that day. Rarely will you receive the same routine twice running. Reflexology utilises points on the feet that correspond to areas of the body. Pressure is applied within your comfort zone to alleviate ailments and aid relaxation.


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